What the Hell is this place?

So this is a blog…on the internet…run by an ambiverted (if that’s even a real thing) college student who just enjoys sharing her opinions on stuff via the internet. Let’s see…if you’ve read this far you clearly want to know weird stuff about me, challenge accepted. My favorite movie is The Princess Bride, I wear Size 10 shoes, and I’m one of those people that others just spill out their life stories to me without me even asking. Oh! A note about using the blog, I suck at technology like this because it involves shapes…and I am bad at shapes. This means, that using categories will probably be the most efficient way for you to find things. The categories/things you should type in the search are the following: College Life, Advice, DIY, and Twilight Chatter (weird stuff that comes into my mind at night).  If you want to reach out and chat or ask for advice, contact me on the contact page of the blog or by email at invisiblelifeguide@gmail.com