Planning your Dorm Room to make Move-In Day a Breeze

These are just a few tips about moving into a college dorm based off of my experience and so obviously does not apply to every person and every college situation:

-Know what you have: Find out what furniture is included in your dorm room and the dimensions of everything so you know what you are working with. Sometimes it is included on the college website and other times it will take emailing the head of housing to get this information.

-Figure out everything you actually need so you do not over pack: if you over pack, you will have inevitably have clutter and you will be the messy roommate right off the bat. You will underestimate how small the room is especially since you will be living with another person. My system worked really well so I will share it with you:

1. Know how many drawers/ storage spaces you have and the dimensions of those spaces

2. If you are bringing extra storage, such as drawers for under your bed, go ahead and pack whatever you are going to store in them when you are packing for college. If you already have those things where you want them to go, it will make unpacking so much easier.

3. With all the other drawers and storage spaces, physically make a list of where everything will go. For example, I have a dresser with 6 drawers and so I did a list for each drawer of what would be inside it (you do not have to be ultra-specific even something as simple as “cookware” or “game drawer” will be helpful with planning everything out).

-Anything that can be a storage space, make a storage space. I have these two ottomans I use for extra seating/a place for my back-pack but they also hold my towels, sheets, and blankets. There is also space, if you have an armoire type closet, on top for either small containers or in my case I keep my keyboard there. For every container you bring, you need to ask yourself two questions: where will it go and what will go in it.

-Most schools require you to make labels for all the things you will be moving. If it isn’t required for your college, I still highly recommend making a label with the following: first and last name, dorm, room number, phone number. Also, the more fun they look, the more effective they will be (mine had owls on them).

-Keep one of your bins from move in day under your bed towards the back so that you can store a few extra things such as a crock pot or a choir robe that you didn’t account a place for.

-Remember that it is not the end of the world if you forget to pack something. Surely there is a store near your school that you or even your parents can go to get whatever you need. In the case of packing for college; it is better to under pack than over pack.

Anyway, if you have any questions feel free to email and if you have any additional tips you can leave them in the comments



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